Negar Shorbi

Creative Developer

Negar finished her studies of interior architecture in 2013, getting her Masters degree at Luca school of arts, University of KU Leuven in Brussels. After working as an interior architect at a design&build company in Brussels, she moved to Amsterdam in 2017 and continued her design career at a similar company. She got her specialization in environmental psychology from Universiteit Van Amsterdam (UVA) in 2018. This study got her interested in our primitive instincts and she started her own research on human’s primitive habits in today’s offices and buildings.

She joined G&S Vastgoed in 2019 as a creative developer connecting between form, functionality and human experience.

Negar believes that creativity begins with understanding the human mind. As a designer, she sees the world as an inspiration to create. In her eyes, the main purpose of design should be to elevate people’s lives and their journeys.”



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