Josephine - ©Milan, 2022

Josephine Warnaars

Marketing & Communications

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science, Josephine obtained her Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam with a specialisation in consumer marketing in 2020. Shortly afterwards, Josephine started working for an internationally recognised interior designer. This is where she further developed her passion for interior design. Yet, in the end, Josephine missed the societal relevance in these projects.

Since December 2021, Josephine has started in the marketing & communications team of G&S Vastgoed. By joining the marketing team, Josephine hopes to create state-of-the-art projects that meet the demands and needs of clients, partners, the environment, and the inhabitants of a city. That is how she is contributing to the Serving the City philosophy within G&S Vastgoed.


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