Dennis van de Ven


As of 2021 Dennis is working at G&S Vastgoed as director. Dennis has worked at various companies within the VolkerWessels group since 2011. Until 2019 as director at SDK Vastgoed, followed by a period of 2 years as director of development at VolkerFitzpatrick in the United Kingdom.

Dennis believes that buildings and built environments are the result of different times and needs. His main goal is to develop projects that actually matter. That’s what we like calling ‘Serving the City’. For the generations to come, for the people who will live or work there, for a casual passer-by after the completion, but certainly also for the team which makes it all possible.

Giving meaning to an environment. Dennis is convinced that ‘arts in the broadest sense’ can make a difference. At the same time, a balance must be found between creating the ambitions and all successive operations concerned. That complicated puzzle, down to the smallest details, is what makes our profession so fascinating.


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