Celina Endhoven

Management secretary

Since October 2014 I have been working at G&S Vastgoed. At first I started as a receptionist and soon, after 3 months I became secretary for the development managers and project managers. Since 2016 I have been fully supporting G&S’ management directors. My goal is to make sure that Jason, Martine and Anna are able to do their job as good and efficient as possible. I try to take as much work out of their hands as possible, such as organizing business trips, scheduling meetings and managing their mailboxes. The thing I enjoy most and at the same time the biggest challenge for me, is the complex diary management; every appointment is a new puzzle that needs to be solved. Besides these activities, I also support Human Resource Management, for example drafting employment contracts. All of this makes my job very diverse that also makes It a new challenge every day.

I currently live in Aalsmeer, but I would love to find a place in Amsterdam in the future. I enjoy spending my spare time with friends, with travelling and sports, but I also enjoy a good movie or series.



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