Arjen Lindeman

Head of Development

With a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Delft and studied business administration at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, Arjen has worked at G&S Vastgoed for 10 years as a project developer.

His approach to every project is the same: to push boundaries and make the impossible possible. Leading the company’s development teams entails helping young talent broaden and extend their skills. Ultimately, his goal is to create the optimal environment where people want to work, exchange ideas and challenge each other to do the best they can.

Arjen has led a number of key projects from initial concept through to delivery such as the Mirai House in Leiden and 400 and 500 Beethovenstraat on the South Axis in Amsterdam. Current projects include the ING HQ in Amsterdam South East and Wonderwoods in Utrecht. Working on eye catching complex projects with high requirements is sometimes top sport. In terms of football Arjen would say: “Raise the bar to be able to score more easily”.



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