Green light for the first phase of construction Merwede

Visual by Crozzroads

Consortium green lights first phase of construction of an eco-community of 6,000 homes in Utrecht

11/03/2021Round Hill Capital

Utrecht, 10 March 2021 – Round Hill Capital, a leading real estate developer, investor and asset manager, recently signed the agreement with the municipality of Utrecht and other land owners to create a new city district within the Merwede Canal Zone.

By signing the agreement, they have committed to a long-term cooperation with each other and the neighbourhood. The plans will include a new community of 6,000 new homes, with over 3,000 affordable homes, and supporting amenities emerge in the Utrecht area.

The agreement is a significant milestone for the development, acquired by Round Hill Capital in 2018 as a joint project with real estate developers G&S Vastgoed and Boelens de Gruyter – and allows for design plans to proceed for the first phase of construction of 1,075 new highly sustainable homes.

The former industrial site is located between the avenues Koningin Wilhelminalaan and Beneluxlaan. The total site (240,000 sqm) allows for 6,000 residential units, offering space for more than 12,000 Utrecht residents to live and work in the district. Round Hill Capital will develop 1.075 residential units (45.000 m²).

The area has been designed for harmonious living in the middle of the city, and sustainability will be a key priority. On completion, the public area and landscape will be carpark-free, and will prioritise public transport, cycling and pedestrian access. Merwede will host a range of amenities, including restaurants, a sports hall, primary and secondary schools, as well as community halls, ensuring that it becomes a very attractive area for a large varied audience.

The rental and owner-occupied homes are located right beside the new park, Merwedepark, and along the Merwede Canal. Rental properties will be offered in the social, middle rent and free sector segment, and all homes have been designed to be both high-quality and highly sustainable.

Michael Bickford, Founder and CEO at Round Hill Capital, said:
“We’re delighted to reach such a significant milestone in our plans to create a new urban renewal project in Utrecht. Round Hill Capital has a well-established and successful track record investing in and operating residential housing across Europe – and we look forward to continuing to work with our partners to address the demand for high-quality, affordable housing in the city.”

Over the past seven years, Round Hill has successfully established its residential investment and asset management platform in the Netherlands and has consistently acquired portfolios throughout this period, with its total number of units acquired over 16,000. Round Hill has acquired and managed more than 135,000 residential units across Europe.

The construction of Merwede will be split into two phases, so that the effects to the environment can be taken into account and so that necessary measures can be taken to reduce disruption. Construction for phase one is expected to begin in the first half of 2023.

Maarten de Gruyter, director of Boelens de Gruyter:
“We’re looking forward to undertake the next step in this project. For Utrecht as well as the Netherlands, but also for Europe, this will be a unique new city district. Besides, we contribute to the reduction of the large housing shortage.”

The cooperating parties for Merwede are: area developer AM/Synchroon, Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD), Greystar, G&S Vastgoed/ Boelens de Gruyter/ Round Hill Capital, Janssen de Jong ProjectOntwikkeling, Lingotto and the municipality of Utrecht.

Design team and advisors Merwede: BURA, Stad2, Goudappel Coffeng, OKRA Landscape Architects, Merosch, Impuls, Mark Rabbie urban concepts, Empaction and RebelGroup in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht and various architects.


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Creating scarcity in times of abundance

Publicatie interview Jason

Wonderwoods seems very atypical for G&S Vastgoed, but the project fits in perfectly with the development series of the past 30 years.

29/09/2020Gabriëlle Klaver – Property NL

It is a special project, Wonderwoods, but at real estate developer G&S Vastgoed it fits perfectly in the development series. Of course, it looks different because it will be one of the first overgrown high-rise buildings in the Netherlands. For G&S it is also a bit different, because the two towers will be mixed-use, with both office space and living space. Moreover, it will be publicly accessible by adding Nowhere, the first immersive digital art space in Europe.

Add something that isn’t there yet According to Jason Blackmore, Wonderwoods fits in perfectly with G&S Vastgoed. ‘In a market of abundance, we always try to create scarcity by developing something that isn’t there yet. We did this in the ’80s and ’90s by building high-tech buildings in Amsterdam Southeast that were popular with internet companies at the time. The inspiration for this was taken from the US. On the Zuidas we realized buildings of an un-Dutch scale and quality in the 00s and 10s. We worked together with international architects such as Toyo Ito, Rafael Viñoly and Michael Graves, at that time unknown in the Netherlands. Wonderwoods was designed by the Italian architectural firm Stefano Boeri Architetti and the Dutch MVSA Architects, and such a green building is unique for Utrecht.’ Blackmore has been managing director of G&S Vastgoed since 2011. At the time, he succeeded Chris Gongriep, who founded the company in 1978. Blackmore had been working at G&S for over 10 years, focusing on the commercial side of the development profession. According to Blackmore, the ghost of Gongriep, who died four years ago, still haunts the office on the Zuidas. Blackmore: ‘You can see that, for example, in the closeness of the team that we gather around us. We have worked with ZZP for a long time and now with MVSA Architects. We still take architects and their designs very seriously. In terms of backgrounds, that team is also very diverse, which in turn enhances creativity. Here at the office, for example, the male-female ratio is 50-50, and that’s no coincidence’.

Big Brother The fact that VolkerWessels now owns the construction branch and participates in G&S Vastgoed does not change this. Blackmore: ‘VolkerWessels is like a big brother in the background, who not only has a strong capital position, but also thinks along with us. For example, I just had a brainstorm with Dick Boers (member of RvB VolkerWessels, ed.) about a large development location. Now that VolkerWessels has been taken off the stock exchange again, there is even more room for entrepreneurship in the company. The lines of communication have become shorter, because there are less eyes watching now. Of course, that does not mean that everything goes less carefully’. An owner with a good capital position is no sinecure in these times of corona. In any case, Blackmore is convinced that the changes that were already in the air will now come to the market more quickly. I definitely didn’t see Corona coming, but I did see that the prices paid for the offices were no longer determined by the underlying factors. Then things could only get worse, and so we did indeed sell everything’. That’s good luck in case of an accident, but the changes go beyond the amounts paid for office space. Blackmore has been seeing the world change for some time now. Living conditions and health have become increasingly important issues for corona as well. Blackmore: ‘If a company wants to rent a building, what does it choose? Certainly with the acquired corona experience? That’s not an outdated building, but a safe building with clean air or, for example, more elevators so that people can be dispersed’.

In addition, according to Blackmore, the user will choose a building that allows his employees to work in as few square meters as possible, and in as safe as possible way. After all, a higher density means that even fewer meters need to be rented, but also that a higher investment can be made per square meter. G&S is working with BNP Paribas Real Estate and MMEK on REDEFINE, a philosophy of creating a healthy, safe and productive working environment. This vision is translated into a concrete housing program. Basically, of course, people should be able to go to the office safely, but REDEFINE goes further than that. The goal is that REDEFINE continuously improves itself and that more and more ‘balanced advice’ can be given regarding housing. Not only on economic grounds, but also in the field of sustainability, health, safety and technology. REDEFINE will be applied for the first time in Wonderwoods.

Sell quickly It is not only the innovative character that makes that Wonderwoods in G&S Real Estate development series fits, but so does the way of financing the project. A large part of the project, both the offices and the homes and facilities, has already been sold to ASR Real Estate. The sale of the owner-occupied homes will start soon. Blackmore: ‘It has always been our strategy to sell quickly. Of course we’ll let money run, but we’ll also run less risk. Anyway, we’re not going for the most commercial deal possible; we’re not going for the highest price. That attracts namely at the front immediately a change on the project. Given the duration of our projects, there is always a moment when you have to look each other in the eyes. The outcome must be that staying together is more enjoyable than splitting up’. He explains his statement: ‘Look, our project is just one of the projects the investor has in his portfolio. In bad periods, that investor will always have to say goodbye taking certain projects. We don’t want our project to be at the top of the list’. G&S certainly has experience with bad periods. The developments in the Zuidas were visionary in the sense that the developer took up ground positions at an early stage, because Gongriep and Blackmore saw that the companies in the city center were getting more difficulties. But in 2005, when the buildings were completed, the vacancy rate on the Zuidas was 70%. Blackmore: ‘At the time, we didn’t believe in it either. We had already sold, but still got a decent exit’. Even then, it turned out that there were advantages to having a lot of power behind you. Gongriep, as a major shareholder, helped the company out of the fire.

Offices and homes What also changed are the development segments which G&S Vastgoed deals with. Started as a purely office developer, all the residential towers have been developed on the Zuidas, including a row of ground-level houses. In Utrecht the developer is now also involved in the development of a new piece of city in the Merwedekanaal zone. Together with Round Hill Capital and Boelens de Gruyter, it has acquired a position where some 1100 homes can be built. Blackmore: ‘Although my focus has always been on offices, our company is attracting more and more people who have a passion for housing. I believe in providing space for people and so we are heading in that direction. And that works very well.


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Utrecht rooftops to be ‘greened’ with plants and mosses in new plan


‘Vertical forest’ tower will have 10,000 plants on its facade in bid to reinvigorate biodiversity

03/04/2020The Guardian

Every roof in the city district of Utrecht is to be “greened” with plants and mosses or have solar panels installed under plans driven by the success of a similar scheme for the municipality’s bus stops.

The “no roofs unused” policy is part of an attempt to reinvigorate biodiversity in the city and create a less stressful and happier environment, of which the construction of a so-called “vertical forest tower with 10,000 plants on its facade is set to become a leading example.

That building alone, close to Utrecht railway station, will host 360 trees and 9,640 shrubs and flowers, equal to 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of woods, once it is completed in 2022.

More generally, a plan set to be agreed by the city council next September will introduce an obligation to green the roofs of all the buildings in the city district. The municipality already runs an oversubscribed grant scheme to cover 50% of the costs for homeowners who want to green their roofs, up to a maximum of €20,000 (£17,900) per application.

Alderman Kees Diepeveen said: “In this city district every roof will be either used for green or for solar panels. It will be that when you look at the different heights, the lower rooftops will be mainly green and the higher ones will be mainly solar panels. And now again a combination of the two because solar panels need some cooling.

Read further: The Guardian


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G&S Vastgoed and UBS Asset Management welcome Lifetex Industry Holding B.V. in Moermansk 400.

moermansk 2 luik2

G&S Vastgoed and UBS Asset Management welcome Lifetex Industry Holding B.V. in Moermansk 400.

11/03/2020G&S Vastgoed

Moermansk 400 has a new tenant. Recently Flexibelhuren B.V., a 100% subsidiary of G&S Vastgoed B.V., has signed a lease agreement with Lifetex Industry Holding B.V. Lifetex Industry, a subsidiary of Shanghai Sunwin Industry Group, is an import and export company and is a key supplier of home textiles, apparel and accessories to well established brands, retailers and e-commerce accounts in EU and USA. 

Lifetex Industry has leased a part of the first floor, being approximately 400 sq.m.  As a result only approximately 1,020 sq.m is still available in Moermansk 400 divided between the ground floor (530 sq.m) and the first floor (490 sq.m).Moermansk 400 is a development of G&S Vastgoed and an investment of UBS Asset Management for a pan-European Club Deal structure. The  Moermansk 400 is a design by Joris Deur of architects ZZDP. Because of its bright white color, the office forms a nice contrast with the surrounding buildings. The large wide balconies at the head of the water’s edge allow office users to enjoy the view over the IJ river to the fullest. The deliberately chosen cool appearance of the building is softened by the use of greenery on the facade. It offers a view over the flower boxes to the water every day.

JLL advised G&S Vastgoed on the letting of the building in collaboration with Van Gool Elburg Vastgoedspecialisten and Cushman and Wakefield. Colliers advised Lifetex Industry.


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Nuveen Real Estate and G&S Vastgoed join forces for the future renovation of Prinses Irenestraat 59.

Prinses Irenestraat 59- M. Hofmans feb. 2020 LR

Nuveen Real Estate and G&S Vastgoed join forces for the future renovation of Prinses Irenestraat 59.

25/02/2020G&S Vastgoed

HighBrook Investors, an American private equity real estate investor, has sold the office building at Prinses Irenestraat 59 in Amsterdam to international real estate investor Nuveen Real Estate. Project developer G&S Vastgoed advises Nuveen Real Estate with regard to investigating the renovation possibilities of the office building. The building, built in the early 1970s, offers ample opportunity to add value to this location. With a total area of approximately 14,000 m2, it is one of the last properties with renovation potential on the Zuidas within walking distance of train station Amsterdam Zuid. The sale of the office building concerns a share transaction, the investment volume will not be disclosed.

Seller HighBrook Investors has been advised commercially by Cushman & Wakefield and asset manager Breevast, and legally by Loyens Loeff. Nuveen has been advised commercially by Van Gool Elburg Real Estate Specialists and legally by CMS Derks Star Busmann. G&S Vastgoed will act as a local partner for the future renovation of the asset.


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G&S Vastgoed and UBS Asset Management welcome Esprit Europe B.V. in Moermansk 400.

Esprit Showrooms Amsterdam_photographer M.Hofmans_June 19_1

G&S Vastgoed and UBS Asset Management welcome Esprit Europe B.V. Moermansk 400.

31/07/2019G&S Vastgoed

Moermansk 400, approx 5.000 s.qm, is a development of G&S Vastgoed. Moermansk 400 is part of the total development of Moermansk 300, 400 en 500. The building is a design of Joris Deur of architectural firm ZZDP Architecten. Because of its location at the head of the Moermanskkade in the Amsterdamse Houthaven it has a spectaculair view.

Recently Esprit has taken the second and third floor.

Martin Hallander, Head of Wholesale Northern Europe over Moermansk400: This step is part of a new start for Esprit in Noord-Europa. ‘The Houthaven is modern and well-connected, a meeting place for innovation, digitization and design where fashion brands, architectural firms and design agencies have established themselves, making it the perfect home base for Esprit! The team is very excited – we all love our new office and environment and I am convinced that our wholesale customers will do the same.

Due to the lease to Esprit, only the ground floor and the 1st floor (together approximately 1,200 m2) are still available for lease.

JLL advised G&S Vastgoed on the lease of the building. Harper Dennis Hobs advised Esprit. NautaDutilh advised G&S Vastgoed on this legal transaction.


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Crozzroads launches 3D-tool for Wonderwoods

Menno Sales Tool

Crozzroads lanches 3D-tool for Wonderwoods

06/06/2019G&S Vastgoed

Tool provides lifelike image of vertical forest.

Crozzroads launches a revolutionary interactive 3D tool for the Wonderwoods real estate project during PROVADA in Amsterdam.

Menno Ploeger, Head of Commerce at G&S Vastgoed, will present the tool at PROVADA at the booth of a.s.r. real estate. The interactive 3D tool offers a representative image of Wonderwoods, two sustainable, green towers for living, working, retail and a museum, which will be delivered in 2022 in Utrecht.

Wonderwoods Development can use the tool to let both internal and external stakeholders, as well as potential tenants and buyers, take a lifelike look at the buildings. The focus of the 3D tool is not only on availability, but also maps the uniqueness of the buildings. The tool explains a very complex building in an instant: the floors can be extended per floor and the various functions and routing become visible. From the experience that the user experiences with the tool, the roots of Crozzroads can be felt: the gaming industry. The wind blows through the trees that are planted in the facade of Wonderwoods and the sun shines on the roof gardens and even changes direction. The little bird Woody, the mascot of Wonderwoods, also flies around the building and takes a rest on the railing of a balcony.

G&S Vastgoed is happy with the collaboration with Crozzroads. Jet Happel, Head of Creative Design at G&S Vastgoed, explains: “Crozzroads has a huge passion for real estate, detail and quality. Everything is possible in their 3D world. For example, the developments at Crozzroads ensure that we can remove errors from the building at an early stage – often these are things that look very logical on drawings. In the follow-up stage, we can use the tool to make a building transparent for our customers. ”

Crozzroads is also pleased with the collaboration. Sally van Duinen, CEO of Crozzroads: “Crozzroads not only strives for the highest quality but also for the best experience. We think along, advise and ensure that different worlds come together. Crozzroads believes in the future and always uses the latest technologies in its products. We are very happy that we have been able to develop technology for the Wonderwoods project, which is progressive not only in the field of real estate and healthy urban living, but also in its sales. ”


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G&S Vastgoed cycles for WereldOuders during the Zuidas Businessride 2019

G&S Vastgoed - WereldOuders- Milan Hofmans, 24 mei 2019

G&S Vastgoed cycles for WereldOuders during the Zuidas Businessride 2019

27/05/2019G&S Vastgoed

More than 100 participants exchanged their (cloak) suits for a sporty cycling suit on Friday, May 24, 2019 cycling during the third edition of the Zuidas Businessride.

This year, another team compiled by G&S Vastgoed took part, consisting of approximately 25 business partners and colleagues. After the starting signal from the Atrium on the Zuidas, the route took you past beautiful places such as Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Uithoorn, Vinkeveen and Abcoude. The participants have covered a distance of 60 kilometers. This year the Zuidas Businessride raised a total of € 12,545 for WereldOuders.

This year, another team compiled by G&S Vastgoed took part, consisting of approximately 25 business partners and colleagues. After the starting signal from the Atrium on the Zuidas, the route took you past beautiful places such as Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Uithoorn, Vinkeveen and Abcoude. The participants have covered a distance of 60 kilometers. This year the Zuidas Businessride raised a total of € 12,545 for WereldOuders.


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OVG Real Estate en G&S Vastgoed hebben het kantoor van ING in Amsterdam-Zuidoost opgeleverd.

ING FMH - Milan Hofmans, 22 maart 2019 18

OVG Real Estate en G&S Vastgoed hebben het kantoor van ING in Amsterdam-Zuidoost opgeleverd.

Het betreft het nieuwe kantoor aan de Bijlmerdreef dat in gebruik wordt genomen en onderdeel is van de toekomstige campus in Amsterdam Zuidoost

01/04/2019G&S Vastgoed

Met een oppervlakte van circa 40.000 m2 is het nieuwe kantoor van ING één van de grootste gebouwen op de campus aan de Bijlmerdreef. Het vijf verdiepingen tellende kantoor, dat bestaat uit twee aan elkaar gekoppelde bouwdelen met elk een atrium, wordt later dit jaar in gebruik genomen. Het pand biedt flexibele
werkplekken voor ongeveer 2.800 mensen.

Thomas Ummels, Executive Development Director OVG Real Estate: “Het circulaire beton, de zonnepanelen op het dak en de groene omgeving – alles aan het nieuwe kantoor illustreert dat duurzaamheid verbonden is aan de strategie van ING.
De aandacht voor een prettige en dynamische werkomgeving stimulereert creatieve samenwerking en is een inspirerend voorbeeld van toekomstbestendig ontwikkelen”.

Arjen Lindeman, Head of Development G&S Vastgoed: ‘’ING en wij mogen trots zijn op deze prestatie. Wij hebben met elkaar een elegant vormgegeven kantoor
kunnen realiseren dat een grote diversiteit aan werkplekken aanbiedt. Een multifunctioneel atrium waar straks iedereen welkom is. Een kantoor dat past bij
ING, een bank van de toekomst’’.

Duurzaam en energiepositief
Het ontwerp van het nieuwe ING kantoor heeft de BREEAM-score Outstanding. Daarmee is het kantoor het eerste gebouw in Amsterdam-Zuidoost – en een van
de dertig kantoren in heel Nederland – met het hoogste certificaat van dit duurzaamheidskeurmerk. Bovendien is het pand dankzij onder andere de uitmuntende isolatie, zonnepanelen en slimme technologie energiepositief. Dat
wil zeggen dat het kantoor voldoende energie opwekt om in de eigen elektriciteitsbehoefte te voorzien en om daarnaast energie terug te leveren aan het elektriciteitsnet.

Paviljoen als kloppend hart.
De komende periode werken OVG Real Estate en G&S Vastgoed verder aan de realisatie van een horecapaviljoen aan de voorzijde van het kantoor. Het gebouw, met een oppervlakte van ongeveer 900 m2, is ontworpen door Powerhouse Company. Het restaurant dat in het paviljoen komt, The Traveller, wordt toegankelijk voor iedereen en vormt straks het kloppend hart van de campus.

Consortium van marktleiders
Het nieuwe kantoor van ING en het naastgelegen horecapaviljoen worden ontwikkeld door het ontwikkelconsortium OVG Real Estate en G&S Vastgoed, marktleiders op de Nederlandse kantorenmarkt.

Het ING kantoor, eigendom van LCN Capital Partners, is gebouwd door G&S Bouw naar een ontwerp van Benthem Crouwel Architects.

De partijen worden bijgestaan door juridisch adviseur NautaDutilh en Allen & Overy.
De ontwikkeling van de totale campus loopt nog tot 2024.


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Wonderwoods wint prestigieuze MIPIM awards

Wonderwoods wint prestigieuze MIPIM awards

19/03/2019G&S Vastgoed

Tijdens het jaarlijkse awardgala van de toonaangevende vastgoedbeurs MIPIM in Cannes, zijn de architecten van MVSA Architects en Stefano Boeri Architetti, samen verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp van Wonderwoods in Utrecht, dubbel in de prijzen gevallen. Niet alleen won project de titel ‘Best Mixed-Use Project’, ook is Wonderwoods uitgeroepen tot de grote winnaar van de MIPIM-award met de titel ‘Future Project of the Year’.

Volgens de jury sluit het concept van Wonderwoods perfect aan bij de waardes waar MIPIM voor staat: het creëren van plekken voor de toekomst, die financiële en vastgoedprincipes niet uit het oog verliezen, maar die tegelijkertijd ook de ‘zachtere’ waardes, die ervoor zorgen dat mensen het prettig vinden om tijd door te brengen op die plekken, niet negeren. Wonderwoods is wat de jury betreft een fantastisch voorbeeld van echt geïntegreerd gemengd gebruik in het project van twee torens. De twee gebouwen passen goed bij elkaar maar het zijn geen replica’s en bieden beide verschillende functies, waaronder woningen, voorzieningen en kantoorruimte.

Bij de uitreiking van de ‘Future Project of the Year’-award, gaf Paul Finch, hoofdredacteur van het magazine Architecture Review en voorzitter van de jury, aan dat Wonderwoods de duidelijke winnaar is: “De jury vond dat onze winnaar [Wonderwoods] een optimistische maar overtuigende propositie biedt over de toekomst van steden, die uitgaat van een symbiotische relatie tussen dat wat door de mens wordt gemaakt en de natuur.”

Beide architectenbureaus van Wonderwoods zijn zeer tevreden dat hun teamwork. Waarbij ontwikkelaars G&S Vastgoed enKondorWessels Projecten.een belangrijke rol hebben gespeeld, op deze manier wordt beloond.

Stefano Boeri van Stefano Boeri Architetti: “Het winnen van deze prijs maakt ons erg blij, want het bevestigt dat de groene architectuur van verticale bossen een model aan het worden is dat in andere steden van de wereld kan worden nagemaakt. Urban Forestry en verticale bossen zijn krachtige instrumenten om de luchtkwaliteit te verbeteren en de gevolgen van de klimaatverandering te verminderen. Roberto Meyer van MVSA Architecten voegt daaraan toe: “Wonderwoods zal de perceptie van hoe we in steeds dichter wordende stedelijke gebieden leven veranderen.”

Volgens Wonderwoods toont het winnen van deze twee prijzen de meerwaarde van een volledig nieuwe aanpak van projectontwikkeling.. Hierbij wordt niet alleen nagedacht over mooie, inspirerende architectuur, maar ook over hoe mensen een gebouw gebruiken en hoe hun leven kan worden beïnvloed met een steekhoudend concept rondom gezondheid en duurzaamheid. Jason Blackmore, CEO van G&S Vastgoed zegt hierover: “Wonderwoods is ontwikkeld vanuit een holistisch perspectief. Zo hebben wij ook gekeken naar de beleving van Wonderwoods als merk. Deze aanpak is samen met Stndrd Creative Company ontwikkeld.. Zo is niet alleen een duurzaam gebouw, maar ook een duurzaam merk en een volledig Healthy Urban Living-concept gecreëerd.”


MIPIM, opgericht in 1990, is een 4-daags vastgoedevenement om de meest invloedrijke spelers uit alle sectoren van de internationale vastgoedsector bijeen te brengen. Het brengt de volledige waardeketen samen en geeft ongeëvenaarde toegang tot het grootste aantal ontwikkelingsprojecten en bronnen van kapitaal wereldwijd. MIPIM is een uniek beurs- en netwerkplatform om deals te smeden. Onze 26.000 deelnemers vertegenwoordigen de gehele waardeketen (investeerders & financiële instellingen, ontwikkelaars, steden en gemeenten, bewoners, architecten en hotelgroepen) en alle activaklassen (residentiële, gezondheidszorg, horeca, logistiek & industrieel, infrastructuur, detailhandel & vrije tijd, kantoor en gemengd gebruik)

Over Wonderwoods

Wonderwoods is een iconisch stedelijk vastgoedproject, bestaande uit twee groene torens met een hectare aan verticaal bos, gelegen aan de Croeselaan in Utrecht. Wonderwoods wil bijdragen aan het oplossen van de disbalans in de stad tussen mens en natuur, waarbij alle aspecten van het leven in één gebouw samenkomen: wonen, werken, cultuur, sporten en recreëren. Het volledig doorgevoerde programma Healthy Urban Living maakt Wonderwoods groen, duurzaam en gezond. Dit uit zich onder andere in de hectare Utrechtse Heuvelrug-beplanting in de gevels, in de binnentuinen en op de dakterrassen, de ver doorgevoerde mogelijkheden voor het scheiden van afval, het stimuleren van duurzame mobiliteit, de gezonde horecavoorzieningen en het stimuleren van lichaamsbeweging. Wonderwoods wordt ontwikkeld door Wonderwoods Development B.V, een ontwikkelconsortium bestaande uit G&S Vastgoed en Kondorwessels Projecten.

Meer informatie:


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