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Crozzroads lanches 3D-tool for Wonderwoods

06/06/2019G&S Vastgoed

Tool provides lifelike image of vertical forest.

Crozzroads launches a revolutionary interactive 3D tool for the Wonderwoods real estate project during PROVADA in Amsterdam.

Menno Ploeger, Head of Commerce at G&S Vastgoed, will present the tool at PROVADA at the booth of a.s.r. real estate. The interactive 3D tool offers a representative image of Wonderwoods, two sustainable, green towers for living, working, retail and a museum, which will be delivered in 2022 in Utrecht.

Wonderwoods Development can use the tool to let both internal and external stakeholders, as well as potential tenants and buyers, take a lifelike look at the buildings. The focus of the 3D tool is not only on availability, but also maps the uniqueness of the buildings. The tool explains a very complex building in an instant: the floors can be extended per floor and the various functions and routing become visible. From the experience that the user experiences with the tool, the roots of Crozzroads can be felt: the gaming industry. The wind blows through the trees that are planted in the facade of Wonderwoods and the sun shines on the roof gardens and even changes direction. The little bird Woody, the mascot of Wonderwoods, also flies around the building and takes a rest on the railing of a balcony.

G&S Vastgoed is happy with the collaboration with Crozzroads. Jet Happel, Head of Creative Design at G&S Vastgoed, explains: “Crozzroads has a huge passion for real estate, detail and quality. Everything is possible in their 3D world. For example, the developments at Crozzroads ensure that we can remove errors from the building at an early stage – often these are things that look very logical on drawings. In the follow-up stage, we can use the tool to make a building transparent for our customers. ”

Crozzroads is also pleased with the collaboration. Sally van Duinen, CEO of Crozzroads: “Crozzroads not only strives for the highest quality but also for the best experience. We think along, advise and ensure that different worlds come together. Crozzroads believes in the future and always uses the latest technologies in its products. We are very happy that we have been able to develop technology for the Wonderwoods project, which is progressive not only in the field of real estate and healthy urban living, but also in its sales. ”


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