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Immersive / Digital Art Space / Wonderwoods  – In Development

Nowhere is Europe’s first centre dedicated to immersive digital art, is scheduled to open its doors in the visionary Wonderwoods development, next to Utrecht Central Station in 2024.






MVSA Architects


Jeroen van Mastrigt

Martijn Sanders

The Stone Twins

Nowhere is scheduled to open in early 2024.

Nowhere will be an awe-inspiring, ever-changing and immersive art world of 3,000 m² .

Nowhere will transcend any notions of a traditional museum or gallery, as it hosts a new type of multisensory and interactive digital art exhibition that actively encourages participation with the public.

Nowhere is a development of Wonderwoods Development and G&S Vastgoed. Nowhere is an initial concept developed by Martijn Sanders and Jeroen van Mastrigt during the tender Healthy Urban Quarter of the Municipality of Utrecht in 2017. The Nowhere name and brand identity is created by The Stone Twins. 

The name, Nowhere, conveys the space between the digital and the physical world. A place with no fixed perspective. A space to fill in.”    
– Jeroen van Mastrigt

Nowhere is away from somewhere. It’s a space to fill in. It’s an immersive digital art space Utrecht has never seen before. 

“Based on our ‘Serving the City’ philosophy, we are very proud to welcome a unique concept and a world-famous art collective to Utrecht. We invite visitors from all over the world to not only enjoy Wonderwoods as an iconic landmark but also to immerse themselves in a magical playground of digital art. This urban development will not only give an impulse to the immediate environment, but also to the city of Utrecht. Since Wonderwoods will literally grow next to the biggest public transport hub in the Netherlands, Nowhere will be extremely accessible for the whole country.”  – Jet Happel, G&S Vastgoed                  



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