Mahler 4

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Offices – Developed 2005 – 2009

Living, shopping and working at Mahler4. The beating heart of the Zuidas.


Mahler 4


Amsterdam Zuidas


Offices: 150.000 sq.m

Commercial: 12.000 sq.m

Parking spots: 1.800


Rafeal Viñoly Architects

Skidmore, Owing & Merrill

Toyo Ito

Michael Graves Architecture and Design


Erick van Egeraat

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Mahler 4

Mahler 4 consists of a group of six high office towers; Ito Building, SOM building, Viñoly Building, Baker McKenzie House, UNStudio, FOZ Building, The Rock and a residential building; New Amsterdam

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Build from the ground

The basis for this is a huge parking garage that runs through the entire Mahler area, up to 5 layers deep. The recognizable buildings were built on top of this.

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Renowned architects

The buildings in this area are named after the architect. Internationally renowned architects have left their signature at Mahler4.

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