Offices – Developed 2018

Transforming the Atrium from a regular office into a world-class full-service complex that would set the benchmark for the market.




Amsterdam Zuidas


BREEAM – NL Excellent – South Tower

BREEAM – NL Excellent – North Tower


MVSA Architects


ICON Real – Estate

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Roberto Meyer,

MVSA Architects

Transforming the Atrium from a regular office into a world-class full-service complex that sets the benchmark for the market.

Close to half a century ago a legendary building was born. In an empty landscape on the edge of the city of Amsterdam, surrounded by farmland. The year was 1976; the building was the Atrium.

Today’s vibrant Zuidas was just a far off dream when the NMD Bank (now known as ING) took up residence in the Atrium.
In the early 2000s, the Atrium, along with other commercial properties, entered less buoyant waters.

It was time to reinvent the Atrium for a new era and a new Zuidas.
With deep respect for the original design, its main goal was to add volume and make the building more transparent and accessible to the Zuidas, connecting it to the district’s new promenade and railway station.

Two new towers and atria were added to the existing three, creating another 25,000 sq m of office space.
Taking its cue from the look and feel of a five-star hotel, the new-look Atrium is designed to welcome tenants, guests, visitors, and the general public with impeccable service and hospitality.

It is the Atrium’s third lifecycle and its most exciting to date.

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Tying the Atrium together

The two new towers were built above the building’s new underground car park, embracing the old structure by means of the two new atria and a meandering aluminium canopy that draws the whole Atrium together.

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‘We wanted to transform what was essentially an introverted building into one that was extroverted.’

Roberto Meyer, MVSA Architects



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