Housing / Retail / Education – Developed 2019

Refurbishing the iconic ING headquarters into house residential units, commercial spaces and The International School.


The Sandcastle


Amsterdam South East


Alberts & Van Huut International Architects


EDGE Technologies


58,000 sq.m

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Max van Huut – Alberts & Van Huut International Architects

A challenging and yet successful redevelopment into a residential building, with utmost respect for the unique characteristics of the first monument in Amsterdam South East.

This 1987 building is instantly recognised by its iconic elements, which include: the canopies, colours, volumes, the fantastic gardens and internal street remain part of the complex and form the amazing living environment for the new residents. In order to make good homes in the building, balconies and extra windows were installed where possible within the monumental image.

The renovated complex comprises 58,000 sqm, including ten towers, seven of which were converted into homes and three towers were transformed into The International School. The s-shaped towers of the building produce distinctive homes with a great deal of individual variation in design and size. The special shape of the building produces special homes with a great deal of individual variation in shape and size. Urban homes have been added to the roof surfaces, living on the roof of a large-scale building on a small scale. The penthouses as usual are the icing on the cake.


Building Information Modelling – BIM

A 3D digital visualisation of all physical and functional aspects of the building has been modelled to provide a source of information for all activity stages: design, pricing, sales and construction.


Branding by Saentys https://saentys.com/


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