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Serving the City is the core of our philosophy. It’s what we stand for from day one. The motivation for our team and helps us move forward in collaboration with our partners and customers.


Serving the City





Emma Fund Racing





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“It is very special to be able to do something for the patients of the Emma Children’s Hospital in this way. The smile on their faces during the Emma Kids Racing is priceless! Amazing to see how we have been able to realize this together with all our colleagues and relations of G&S Vastgoed.- Iris Donker

Emma Fund Racing & Emma Kids Racing

In 2016, Zandvoort circuit was torn, followed by the Lelystad circuit in 2018, to raise money for foundation Support Emma Children’s hospital. With the proceeds from Emma Fund Racing, an unforgettable day to organize for the patients of the Children’s Hospital; Emma Kids Racing – a day full of roaring motorbikes/cars and happy faces! In addition, a wonderfull amount of €170,000 has been donated to the Neonatology department of the Emma Childeren’s Hospital.

Emma Kids Racing

WereldOuders Zuidas Businessride

The ZuidAs Businessride; an outside bike tour on the roads of Amsterdam for charity “WereldOuders”, with start an finish on the Amsterdam ZuidAs Wereldouders offers structural help to homeless children in nine countries in Latin America. The children are admitted to family houses where, in addition to love, attention and care, they also receive education and (vocational) training. This gives them a good chance of a future in which they can strengthen themselves and their environment. In addition to family homes, Wereldouders also sets up educational and medical projects for the entire community. An annual event on the G&S vastgoed agenda for a number of colleagues and relations.

“Being a career coach at the Lely Lyceum Amsterdam South-East is special and grateful. It is nice to be able to contribute with the development of the students by helping them to make choices about the next steps after high school. I hope to give many students a push in the right direction.”  – Mark Gosewehr

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Helps children on their way into the workfield. Hundreds of thousands of Dutch children grow up in an environment with a lot of unemployment and few role models. JINC fights for a society in which your background does not determine your future. In which every child gets opportunities. We are happy to contribute with the entire team, all colleagues participate in the various programs (job application program training, career coaching, language trips, etc.). These are special and valuable experiences time after time. Not only for the kids, but also for ourselves)


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An eye for food, a heart for people. Almost 1 million people in the Netherlands live below proverty line. Did you know that when we can feed those people the food surpluses, no one needs to be hungry. This is good for human and the environment. Every year we contribute to the large-scale fundraising campaign with all our colleagues. In this way we contribute to the Amsterdam South-East Food bank every year! This year, too, we hope to be able to do a lot for the Food Bank together.


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