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From a former industrial area on the outskirts of the city to a vibrant connecting urban district, a few steps away from the city centre of Utrecht.








Round Hill Capital Boelens de Gruyter

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Green public spaces, courtyards and roofs will characterize the urban district. This district will accommodate more than 12,000 new residents. This new neighborhood is focused on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. A car-free neighborhood where people cycle instead of traffic jams and where the streets are for children playing instead of parked cars. Both residents and visitors can use the wide range of shared cars, shared bicycles and public transport.

The Merwede Canal Zone located between Villa Jongeruys and the A12, the Canal Zone will be developed into an urban district in phases. There will be a maximum of 10,000 homes, Merwede is part of this.

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Round Hill Capital, Boelens de Gruyter and G&S vastgoed start to develop more than 1100 homes within this area.

Living, working and relaxing. The currently inaccesible area in the city will become a residential area, where people can live a happy urban life together. There will be shops, schools and a theater on the corner. The current bicycle depot will be a virbant place; a market hall, restaurants,  creative acitivity and food cultivation for the area and surroundings. The street scene is determined by verying heights, widths, architecture and greenery. A place where density is synonymous with greenery and vibrancy, and not with stuffy crowds.  

In addition to being a place where everything is within easy reach, a dense network for slow traffic will ensure that the district will perfectly connected tot the rest of the city. Together, the new Merwedepark along the canal and the Merwedeplantation will connect all parts of the new and existing neighborhoods even better.

Sustainable and healthy With the largest  underground thermal energy storage system in the Netherlands, Merwede will become almost completely energy-neutral. The greenery and the solar panels on the roofs contribute to a healthy city. No roof is unused, that’s the new idea. In the “Merwede Lab”, specialists research how the neighborhood can become as sustainable and circular as possible during the area development, using the latest techniques. The Merwede Lab also involves residents in the design of public spaces.

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Merwede is already vibrant

There are weekly events with more than 600 creative companies in the area. Collected in the creative hubs such as Kanaal30, the VechtclubXL, the Createur, the Alchemist and the Stadstuin. Already in the neighborhood: The Klub, which is a great restaurant and a beer brewery: The Kromme Haring.   Acitivites are continuously initiated by owners’ collective in collaboration with tenants and the neighborhood. Lectures, running competitions, a picking garden. Festivals such as (Winter winkelen) Winter Shopping and the (Midzomer) Midsummer Festival, also art in the public area and a challenge to come up with the cycling path of the future.

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Together we stand strong

“Thanks to this collaboration, an area of 24 hectares in the middle of the city can be developed as a whole. That is very special, because this is usally happens in a fragmented way”, – Councilor Kees Diepeveen.

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