Offices – Developed 2019

Building an inspirational ING headquarters with a focus on sustainability, innovation and creativity.


ING HQ Campus


Amsterdam South East


BREEAM – NL Outstanding


Benthem Crouwel Architects

Karres en Brands


EDGE Technologies


Benthem Crouwel Architects (R)

Landscape Architects

Karres en Brands (L)

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The integrated building and landscape design make the new head office and its environment easily accessible. A sustainable, open complex in a welcoming garden-like setting.

G&S Vastgoed working together with EDGE Technologies are developing the new head office for the ING Bank in Amsterdam. The current ING head office, known as the ‘Sandcastle’, is being refurbished in close collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam. ING sets the tone with its primary objective: to create an inviting work environment, nestled in a green landscape to achieve the most appealing workplace culture. The light, spacious settings and atmosphere are tailor-made to inspire people, motivate creativity and highlight the openness and accessibility ING wants to express.

ING’s ‘Think Forward’ strategy – which emphasises innovation, flexibility and being part of the community – was a decisive guiding principle for Benthem Crouwel to imagine a 5-storey building concept. The architectural design fully incorporates the surroundings which was achieved in collaboration with landscape architects Karres en Brands. Interior and exterior are a unity, fully connected and equally essential.

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Energising Amsterdam South East

The choice of ING to place a new head office in Amsterdam South East was a conscious one. This Amsterdam district is a location where ING can settle itself amongst its customers, precisely in the heart of society. The new head office and its ecosystem will enhance the liveliness of the area, making it more attractive for residents, working people or future investors.

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‘The landscape around the building is furbished as a large urban garden with walking paths, meeting areas and seating opportunities. The office environment is designed as a campus-like site with lots of greenery.’

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