Jet Happel


Jet Happel

Head of Creative Development

Jet has worked at G&S since 2009. As head of creative development she is leading G&S’s creative teams which means responsible for all concepts, marketing, communications and residential sales related matters.
After winning the competition with Wonderwoods in Utrecht in 2017 she also started as a co-creator of Nowhere on behalf of G&S Vastgoed. For G&S’s real estate developments Jet is involved from the start and creates new concepts and ideas.
Work that she proudly presents are projects like Wonderwoods, CHANEL’s 1000 Mahlerlaan, the iconic Atrium and high-end residential building 900 Mahler. As co-creator of Nowhere she develops together with a team of professionals a profitably business case for this art space. Nowhere is space where new technology and nature meet. It will host immersive, generative digital-art exhibitions, experiences and inviting large audiences to play with the future.
She firmly believes that creativity is the catalyst for building successful real estate projects and strong concepts.



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