Our approach

How do we serve the city?

The world is rapidly urbanising, putting intense pressure on cities to grow quickly and sustainably. Game changers such as new technologies, new behaviours and new needs involve the rethinking and reshaping of urban landscapes, functionalities and offerings. Planning land use, connecting people to jobs and services, and finding ways to finance necessary infrastructure developments are increasingly critical needs that G&S Vastgoed is helping cities meet.

Each city is unique – and so are the projects we create to build them. An individual building must also reflect the needs and confines of its environment, residents, users and businesses.

We therefore keep our vision open, and focus on the world of tomorrow, introduce new forms of cooperation and strive to bring state-of-the-art architecture to life. We look beyond the trends of the moment and ensure that our buildings will be sustainable in the future to provide an optimum living and working environment.



Where experience and cooperation matters

Building is always a societal endeavour and requires the involvement – and commitment – of many stakeholders. We also strongly believe that making the right connections is essential to achieve our and our clients’ goals.

Each successful project is the result of a collective effort from a committed network of collaborators and partners. By bringing every (potential) stakeholder to the table to express their views, we foster a culture of openness with a profound taste for ideas – however challenging they are. Independence of mind and a healthy exchange between stakeholders is key.

Success relies on collaborative leadership practices, that move beyond command and control to a collective, and instead adopt a distributed manner to delivering results. Our approach entails a shared sense of ownership, a strong emphasis on quality, raises value for money and efficiency. Developing a project with G&S Vastgoed is to experience collegiality and the pleasure in performing valuable work together.



Making the best project materialise at every location

We have no pre-set ways of working. Only a strong focus and ambition to create the best project for every location. This determined, pragmatic and purpose-driven approach has shaped us as a company and been a blueprint for our achievements.

After a meticulous analysis of the context – landscape, site, socio-economic environment – we carefully consider the individual and collective expectations, as well as the market and societal evolutions in order to evaluate each project’s potential. The early stages of a development process are therefore crucial to harness a project’s full capacity to add value. Once our project objectives are well defined, we set up an efficient and economic project dynamics, which includes a clear organisational structure and plan of execution. This is how we create buildings that contribute to a pleasant living and working environment, while increasing the comfort of its users and residents.


Authentic & straight forward

A deal is a deal – Count on a reliable partner

Gaining the trust needed to become a respected and reliable partner does not happen overnight. Every day we work on new challenges with pride, passion and pleasure. Carefully considering how to deliver our highest abilities time and time again. This work ethic has enabled us to retain our authenticity for 40 years.

Honesty, dedication, courage and confidence are just some of the words that describe who we are and how we work. We are respectful of each other, and open enough to take another’s views into account. Collectively we grow and create a culture of trust. We are aware that staying true to ourselves is fundamental to our performance and allows us to yield a better result. For us a deal is a deal – we live up to our agreements. We are driven by the commitment and ambition to create desirable cities, where living working, education, culture, communities and businesses thrive.


Future focused

We place ‘serving’ at the core of everything we do – We care for our environment and use technology to design projects that last

Our activities require long term strategies, which challenge us to consider: how to develop and impact future development. Based on our considerable experience, we realise that we are the essential game changers in our industry.

Our approach is based on the following convictions

  • We are setting new industry standards by sharing knowledge and collaborating with creative and inspiring parties, to push the boundaries of real estate development.
  • Developing a future urban landscape can only occur by respecting the past and the current context.
  • We see high potential in the combination of highly-valued traditions with today’s technologies.
  • We believe in combining the learnings from our 40 years of experience, together with fresh ideas.
  • We seek to blow new life into old buildings, redevelopment and transformation to impact cities and communities positively.

We have sustainability at heart

Our approach to sustainability is much more than energy saving or material recycling. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience in sustainable designs, that our clients and partners, city residents and involved communities will enjoy positive health and wellbeing and better social impact.
Sustainable urban development means better preferably sustainable materials, high-quality design, conscious practices, and a long-term approach. But it also means continuously improving our standards, while remaining humble at the same time. It’s our mission to lead the way on sustainable, better made projects designed to last.

We invest in technology to add value

We adopt technology to increase efficiency and transparency in the construction value chain. Augmented and virtual reality, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning – today’s technological tools allow us to have a better control of the complex processes inherent to our activity, and get data-driven insights to perform, control and communicate with greater precision.

  • Building Information Modelling gives us the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.
  • Optimisation through digitising production processes.
  • Predictive maintenance for large real estate portfolios.
  • Visualisation allows clients to truly experience a property without setting foot into a physical space.

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