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About us

Serving the City is the foundation of our philosophy. It has been guiding us since day one. Driving us forward – as a team, together with our partners and clients.

Since 1978, G&S Vastgoed has refined a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach to urban real estate development. Through experience, our practice has amassed an in-depth working knowledge of urban situations, the associated challenges and how to address them.

Our robust track record is underpinned by our authentic organisation and our goals-driven, solution-oriented culture. Performance objectives and expected results are developed directly in collaboration with seasoned partners and creative talent to produce compelling ideas. It is only through shared understanding that we can build the collective focus to make lasting progress.

With every project, we strive to identify and establish the optimum conditions to achieve the perfect match between the character of each location, our client’s objectives and a state-of-the-art result. Delivering the very best project for each and every location is the G&S Vastgoed promise. We pride ourselves in creating engaging architecture, solution driven urbanism and the reinvention of the city. Upcoming urban and environmental challenges, societal changes and the impact of technology form the cornerstone of our solutions.

It’s in our DNA to make cities – today and in the future – vibrant, sustainable, and uplifting environments to live, work and enjoy.


Our heritage

Remembering the Past – Building the Future

The capability to positively fulfil expectations and manage the complexities that surround them has been at the heart of our approach for over forty years. Since we opened our doors for business we have been developing state of the art architectural projects and embracing the challenge to creating better cities and sustainable communities.

Serving Cities is in our blood. Amsterdam is the city that we first started to serve. G&S Vastgoed is the founder of the Amsterdam business district, which is known today as ‘Zuidas’. We identified the demand for a multifaceted city district in the Netherlands. The urban design plan for this area placed also a great deal of value on the design of the public space around and in the buildings to bring all aspects of business and life together. So, we created Mahler4, a development area combining offices, housing and leisure all in one place. Many more developments were to follow and now the Zuidas is as a bustling area, as well as a renowned business district in the Netherlands.

Many more cities – such as Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague – followed on after Amsterdam, establishing G&S Vastgoed as a leader in city development throughout the Netherlands.

about us

Our work

We realise state-of-the-art real estate projects

G&S Vastgoed is a renowned Dutch real estate developer, recognised for its eye-catching and state-of-the-art projects ranging from transformational to residential, offices to cultural, or leisure.

Significant projects include:

Transforming the existing Atrium (Amsterdam Zuidas) into a new state-of-the-art office through the extension of two towers.
Realising the prestigious residential Gershwin Townhouses and 900 Mahler (Amsterdam Zuidas).
Redeveloping the iconic ING head office building to house residential units, commercial spaces and The International School (The Sandcastle, Amsterdam South East).
Building the new ING Bank headquarters (Amsterdam South East).

G&S Vastgoed engages with local communities to truly understand and serve each city. Thanks to a sound financial position – with VolkerWessels as a major shareholder, and long-existing relationships with real estate financiers and investors – our financing options are second to none.

With each project, we understand and respond to the increasing demand for housing, offices and public facilities. Our dedicated team of around 30 professional women and men work closely with municipalities, local and national government representatives, city residents and companies already located or wanting to settle in a specific city. We are a respected and reliable partner and by having all partners and stakeholders on board for each project, we can take into account the full scale of factors that will influence the development of cities in the years to come. Keeping this perspective at the core of our thinking, we contribute to making cities fully future-proof.

Our work process & activities

We are continuously analysing markets to identify trends in advance. This forms the basis of our working process. To get ahead of the game, we are constantly developing by pinpointing what we see will fulfil the needs of our customers and making sure that every project fits each customer. Not the other way around.

Our work roadmap:

  • Review the market/customer needs for who we are building.
  • Consider the function and design of the project.
  • Plan all matters relating to the construction, including contracting an architect, contractor and obtaining (building) permits.
  • Monitor the progress of the project, including time line, materials and financials.
  • Support and remove any burden for each customer, who are often tenants and/or buyers of the development.
  • Rental and sale.
  • Concept developing, branding and positioning.

Our development services:

  • Bringing the right parties together
  • Research
  • Site evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Land acquisition
  • Entitlements, municipal and government approvals/permits
  • Economic incentive identification
  • Financial analysis
  • Master planning
  • Letting
  • Disposition
  • Acquisition
  • Defining volume study and offering total package
  • Quality control and evaluation

Our partnerships

We foster partnerships – They add value

A collaborative attitude with an acute capacity to listen, coupled with a drive to bring eye-catching projects to life, positions G&S Vastgoed as a distinguished partner in the field of construction projects. For us partnerships are pivotal in navigating challenging projects, as well as the catalyst to innovate and achieve ambitious plans.

In 2015, G&S Vastgoed entered into a solid partnership with VolkerWessels. VolkerWessels is a Dutch group of companies with 16,000 employees and approximately 120 companies and offices throughout the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada and the United States. Our partner is renowned for its extensive knowledge and know-how across all construction disciplines, collaboration in multidisciplinary and integrated projects, impressive geographic coverage, motivated expert staff and a solid financial position.

Our collaboration gives us high-value access to an extensive network of stakeholders, that includes:

  • The Dutch government
  • Municipalities
  • Institutional investors
  • Contractors
  • Consortium partners
  • Knowledge institutes
  • Residents


We support creativity, entrepreneurship and social initiatives

We are keen to support initiatives and organisations which contribute to innovations in social and urban developments. We value each sponsor relationship as a unique partnership, where both parties support each other’s vision and goals. We therefore consider the inspirational organisations we choose to work together with as ‘friends of the family’.

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